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04050607091011121315182022WELCOME TO US!FACING THE FACTSOUR SOLUTIONTHE DIFFERENCE?Check out how a mumreversed a chronic breathingproblem for her son throughour nutrition expertise/p14Learn why you can trust uswith your health with confidence /p21Get started with your journeyto optimum health/ p23SERVICESAREAS OF EXPERTISEWHAT TO EXPECTHOW IT WORKSPRICINGHow a paradigm shift was born from a personal health experience/ p4TESTIMONIALSMEET OUR TEAMFREEBIESFAQSTABLE OF CONTENTSP A G E 2 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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- T H O M A S E D I S O NP A G E 3 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, losing energy or just hoping that things would be different with yourhealth? Or you feel like the 7-10 minutes you get to spend with your doctor does not begin to unpackthe intricacies of your health concern, leaving you feeling unheard?You are not alone!I have felt that way many times during my personal journey to healing from Thyroid disease. Manyconventional medicine treatments did not give me lasting solutions as I went from one pill to another forsymptom relief. As I walked this journey of a patient trapped in a vicious cycle of quick fixes with sideeffects and constant dependence on pharmaceutical drugs to feel better, I had to make a paradigmshift in my thinking of what good medicine is.My experience with this chronic illness has left a desire tobring a change in the way patients are being managed through the application of personalizedintegrative medicine and health coaching, using simple dietary and lifestyle modifications forsymptomatic relief.This is why I created WITS Functional Medicine. I encourage you to explore the possibilities of disease-free, pain-free and medication-free lifestyle through our programs. Our commitment to you is to bringyou the best in health and wellness.Sincerely,FOUNDER, WITS FUNCTIONAL MEDICINEWELCOME!GOOD MEDICINE IS A"PATIENT-DOCTORPARTNERSHIP", NOT A "DOCTOR-PATIENTDICTATORSHIP"P A G E 4 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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CHRONIC DISEASESThe 6 leading root causes of chronic diseasesOF H EART DI SE AS E, ST RO KE ANDTY PE 2 DI AB ET ES AR EPR EV ENTAB LE T HR OUG H DI ETAN D A HEA LT HY L IFE ST YL EOF CAN CER DE ATH S A R EPR E VEN TAB LE THR OUG H DI ETAN D A HEA LTH Y L IFE S TYL EStressHormonal imbalancesInfectionsImmune dysfunctionFood sensitivitiesToxicitiesSource:World Health Organization, A G E 5 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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Functional medicine is a proactive practice oftackling the underlying causes of disease, using asystemic approach. It shifts the focus from thesymptoms of disease to the whole person. As no two people are exactly the same, theultimate goal is to provide personalized care andlifestyle interventions to reverse or slow downpathological processes leading to chronic disease.Paving the way fortransformation in healthcareP A G E 6 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E OUR SOLUTIONThe MatrixThe functional medicine matrix was expertly designed to helppeople identify multi-systemic dysfunctions in the body and theinterconnections of environmental, cultural, emotional and geneticfactors in the expression of diseases in the body. Our ApproachWe use an integrative approach to assess each person as a whole;combining in-depth health history and advanced bio-marker testingto gather pertinent pieces of information that help us connect thedots leading to the root causes of | +234 913 127 3617

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Systems orientedPatient centeredRoot cause exposureOptimizes careMind Body Spirit focusCost effectiveCONVENTIONALMEDICINEFUNCTIONALMEDICINEWHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?Functional medicine differs from mainstream conventional practice of medicineby taking into consideration the various aspects of your mind, body and spirit.We work in collaboration with your medical care team to find the most suitablesolution tailor made for you and your health needs.Collaborative healthcareWITS Functional Medicine provides a framework that easily applies allaspects of medical science with diet and lifestyle interventions in a wellcontrolled and effective manner that allows clinicians track changes andidentify functional imbalances at the cellular level.We are a team of medical providers with a vast range of expertise asphysicians, nutritionists, health coaches and pharmacists. Our goal, is togive you the best shot at achieving sound health and wholeness in themost safe and natural way possible with little to no side effects.Symptom orientedDoctor centeredSymptom suppressionManage diseaseFocused on body onlyExpensiveP A G E 7 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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PERSONALIZED MEDICINESource:The institute for Functional Medicine, A G E 8 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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TE LE-MEDICI NEYou can trust us to meet your healthneeds right from the comfort of yourhome. We continue to monitor andtrack your symptoms for progressusing cutting edge digital technologyboth online and offline.HE ALTH COAC HI NGOur coaches are trained to guide youtowards positive lifestyle and dietarychanges using intrinsic coaching andmotivational interviewing skills. Ourcoaching involves a mindset makeoverlifestyle detox, stress management andpositive affirmation practices.SU PPLEMENTDI SPENSARYAs a service to you, we make nutritionalsupplements available in our onlinedispensary. We provide products only frommanufacturers who have gained our confidence through considerableresearch and expert experience.NU TRITIONCO UNSELING We deep dive into your eating habits andshow you how to apply food as medicine.All our programs include therapeutic foodplans, recipe guides and shopping lists ofnutrient dense foods that your wholefamily can enjoy. SERVICESP A G E 9 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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InfertilityThyroid diseasePCOSAdrenal stress recoveryPremenstrual syndromeH O R M O N A L I M B A L A N C E SC O M M O N C H I L D H O O D I L L N E S S E SFood sensitivitiesFailure to thriveADHDG A S T R O I N T E S T I N A LD Y S F U N C T I O NSmall intestinal bacterial overgrowthIntestinal permeability (Leaky gut)Candida overgrowthIrritable bowel diseaseD E T O X A N D W E I G H TM A N A G E M E N TLiver detoxMold toxicityHeavy metal toxocityC A R D I O M E T A B O L I C D I S E A S EWeight loss resistanceHypertensionPre-diabetesDiabetesA U T O I M M U N E C O N D I T I O N SHashimoto's diseaseGrave's diseaseRheumatoid arthritisSystemic Lups Erythromatosis (SLE)P A G E 1 0 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E O T H E R SCancer | +234 913 127 3617

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WHAT TO EXPECTWe nurture a continuous line of communicationbetween patients and health coaches.Series of advanced specialty testing are usuallyconducted at the start of our programs. Thisallows us drill down on root causes of disease.F U L L R O U N DO F C O M P R E H E N S I V E T E S T I N GWe use expertly designed food plans and highlyeffective medical grade nutraceuticals coupledwith lifestyle modifications to support our diseasereversal efforts.N U T R I T I O N A N D L I F E S T Y L ES U P P O R TP A G E 1 1 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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HOW IT WORKSTELLTESTWe conduct advanced bio-markertesting to identify functional defectsat the cellular level.From the day you were born to our first encounterwith you, we want to know what your picture ofhealth looks like from your own point of view.0102THE FOUR Ts OF CHRONIC DISEASE RECOVERYTREATTRACKWe conduct regular tracking assessmentsof symptoms to monitor progress andeffectiveness of our treatment protocolsfor you.A wide array of nutrition plans and supplementationcoupled with lifestyle interventions are used toreverse chronic symptoms.0304P A G E 1 2 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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My son who was then 3 years old had aproblem of stooling too often about 4to 5 times daily which I felt was notnormal.The first encounter Dr. Kike Oduba hadwith my son changed his life forever.My son who was then 3 years old had aproblem of stooling too often about 4 to 5times daily which I felt was not normal.This made him have an unhealthy weight.The hospital said to watch his food andwhat he puts in his mouth. I did all that. Heloves to drink his milk which I made surehe enjoyed as a drink and with his cereals.I also noticed that his breathing soundedfunny. You could hear him breathe fromthe door of his room. I felt it was becauseof his always runny nose.3-YEAR OLD BOY WITH BREATHING DIFFICULTIESTESTIMONIALP A G E 1 3 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E The day I knew something had to be donewas when he had an afternoon nap, and Iwanted to change his clothes. That wasthe first time in a long time I saw his barechest while he was asleep. From the wayhis little chest moved up and down Ibecame scared. I knelt down beside himpraying to God for | +234 913 127 3617

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So we to took him to the hospital to have himchecked, but doctors only gave us moreantibiotics. At this time I was really scared forhim. Two weeks after, my son had a playdate with Dr. Kike's children and in a coupleof minutes she was able to pick upsomething about my son. She called me toask if my son has any hearing problems, Isaid no as I have never noticed. Though Iknew he didn't speak clearly yet. Then she asked more questions and Itold her all we were experiencing with him.At a second meeting, she discovered that hehad swollen tonsils and one part of his throatwas almost blocked. This discovery linked us to his breathingdifficulties. I was hysterical and called acouple of doctors and we were asked tosurgically remove the tonsils.Dr. Oduba suggested that we tried anelimination diet, pointing first to cow's milk. I thought, "that should make him healthierright?" In a bid to find a solution to all hishealth challenges, I stopped him from cow'smilk and started him on almond milk andsomething shocking happened. In about a week, I noticed I couldn't hear the loud andheavy breathing any longer.Next thing I noticed is that he stoppedstooling as often and then, his nose stoppedbeing runny. I know it was a miracle. Thecow's milk I felt was helping my son stayhealthy, was actually hurting his body system. He is lactose intolerant and I wasn'taware of it. I am so thankful he met Dr. Kike. Now I take extra care to watch whathe eats and drinks. He is 6 now and we havehad no runny nose for over 2 years and hisbreathing is super fine.TESTIMONIALP A G E 1 4 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E Now I am a strong believer in finding rootcauses of issues before taking medications.Matter of fact, we hardly take medicationsin my family. We now believe in | +234 913 127 3617

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TESTIMONIALK I R B Y . AT O N Y E . TThese are people who truly care about their clients. They notonly deliver on their promise to identify health concerns andprescribe a plan to overcome, they also go above and beyondto make sure you accomplish your goals. They are a blessingin my life. I’m at a better place of health than I’ve been in thepast 10 years because of Wellness Wits. Their coaching andcommitment to my health has been vital to me loosing 41lbs!!! Thank you Dr. Kike and Coach Iris!!!! God Bless you!!! My coach was very thorough in analyzing my healthprofile and educating me on how certain factorscontribute to my symptoms. She really took the time tosit and discuss with me in a personalized way that waseasy to understand. You can tell she is passionate aboutwhat she does and genuinely wants to educate and seeimprovement in her clients. I'll definitely recommendWellnessWits.P A G E 1 5 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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OUR TEAMP A G E 1 6 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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Functional health consultations $120 (N57,600)In-depth consultations with a consultant functionalmedicine physician who will create a personalizedtreatment plan for long term symptom relief andmanagement.Weekly nutrition service $25 (N12,000)Weekly meal planning, recipes and shopping list.Could be conducted in a group or 1 on 1 setting.Pantry and kitchen overhaul $25 (N12,000)Personalized sessions for people needing immediateaction steps for implementing food plans and newdietary recommendations.Group coaching and classes $25 (12,000)Guided informational classes, support groups(Diabetes, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, fertility,arthritis), Health talks, Meal prepping classes etc.Wellness coaching $35 (N16,800)1:1 health coaching sessions to support symptomrelief, weight loss, stress management, nutrientdeficiencies and other lifestyle challenges.0102030405OUR CARE SERVICESIndividualized services for finding the root causes of symptoms, chronic diseasemanagement and health optimization.P A G E 1 7 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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F U N C T I O N A L H E A L T H A N A L Y S I SO P T I M U M C A R E M E M B E R S H I PP R E M U I M V I P P A C K A G EDetailed root cause lab data deep dive Functional health report with lifetime matrixHealth timeline with antecedents, triggers and mediators1 Doctor visit1 Health Coach session3-Month nutrition and wellness plan$450 (N216,000 ) one time paymentBi-weekly multiple symptom trackingBi-weekly physician check-inDetailed functional lab data analysis and reviews asneededWeekly food plan with shopping list and recipes24hr online support available*6-Month upfront payment required$220 (N105,600) per month for 1 year6 month nutraceutical and supplement supplyAssigned health coach with weekly check-ins24hr access to ‘Ask a physician’ online portalAdvanced biomarker testing with complete metabolicprofile and nutrition analysis*Includes all Optimum care benefits plus:From $4,000 (N1.92M) one time P A G E 1 8 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E OUR CARE | +234 913 127 3617

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R E A L - T I M E F E E D B A C KS Y M P T O M T R A C K I N GO F F L I N E S U P P O R TN O W A I T T I M E S01020304OUR COMMITMENTOur goal is to grow a strong relationship with our patients and to meet their needswherever they are in their health journey.Your health is our priority.We partner with our patients to find the root causes of disease and solutions that arebest fitted for their lifestyle, culture and personal preferences.P A G E 1 9 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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LIMITEDTIMEONLYGET ACCESS NOWImagine if you could ask your body, what's going on?Know your functional health score through a detailedmulti-system assessment to identify key areas ofpotential inflammation and toxicities. FREE FUNCTIONAL HEALTHASSESSMENTP A G E 2 0 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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JOIN NOW AND GET50% OFF OF YOURFIRST MONTHSPECIAL OFFEROur most comprehensive plan, tailored-made foryou to get a personalized treatment with bi-weeklydoctor visits, 24-hour offline support and exclusiveoffers for members only!L I M I T E D T I M E O N L YUSE CODE: OPTIMUM50P A G E 2 1 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617SIGN UP NOW

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P A G E 2 2 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E FAQsYes, we do prescribe and dispense pharmaceuticals to patients. However, westrongly discourage dependence on medications for relief. Our goal is to showyou how to use simple lifestyle and dietary interventions for symptom relief, whilewe also work on replacing some pharmaceuticals with all natural and safealternatives in the form of nutraceuticals, adaptogens and essential oils ifnecessary. S E R V I C E S A N D P A C K A G E SYes, we offer routine medical and medication needs. WellnessWits team of physiciansand health coaches provide functional health consultations via telemedicine howeverwe do not provide emergency or urgent care services.The premium plan includes biweekly physician appointments and weekly check-inswith a health coach who will monitor your reaction to foods and supplements andalso show you how to apply nutrition as therapy. We believe these will be verysufficient to meet your needs. However, if you require more doctor visits, there is anoption to book extra appointments outside your care plan as needed. | +234 913 127 3617

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P A G E 2 3 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E S U P P L E M E N T SOur supplement plans usually occur in phases, we typically start with a detox packwhich has about 4 capsules per pack for 14 to 28 days. We will also work to replaceany vital nutrient deficiencies depending on your lab results. In essence, yoursupplement intake will be dependent on what we see in your lab results. This is alsovery subjective, as we must watch out for potential reactions and sensitivities basedon your previous history. Typically, we budget an average of $200 per month for supplements in the premium plan. We try not to go above that except in rare caseswhere we have to get the manufacturer to compound new formulations for a patientthat is not able to tolerate standard protocols. In this case, we charge the extraamount to the patient. We will try our best to accommodate your needs withoutgoing over the allotted amount for supplements. Also, the quantity of capsules youtake will continue to reduce as we wean you off some supplements and transitionyou to using mostly food and adaptogenic plant extracts for continued remission.Absolutely! We are very flexible with our programs, however, the premium plan mustbe completed for 6 months before you can switch back to optimum care due toalready purchased | +234 913 127 3617

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P A G E 2 4 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E Manufacturers are required to follow "good manufacturing practices" (GMPs), whichmeans their supplements have to meet certain quality standards. However, it hasbeen found that some products may contain more or less of the ingredient that isstated on the label. Or, in some cases they may contain ingredients not listed on thelabel, including prescription drugs. To be sure you're getting a good-quality product,look for a seal of approval from an organization that tests supplements such as theU.S. Pharmacopeia, ConsumerLab or NSF International. Products that carry theseorganizations' seal must be manufactured properly, and contain the ingredientslisted on the label, and not include any harmful contaminants. You can also call theproduct's manufacturer to find out what research they've done to confirm thesupplement's benefits, what production standards they use, and what side effectshave been reported from their product. Find out if the supplement hasn't beenrecalled, by checking the United States FDA's website. As we are not able to attest to the efficacy or authenciticy of any supplement youbuy on your own, we would strongly discourage buying supplements from anysource that is not embraced under the functional medicine model. We makeadequate supply of supplements available for purchase under all our care | +234 913 127 3617

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The meal plan is tailor-made for you by our health coaches who will coachyou on the types of foods recommended for your specific health needs. Ourcoaches will also share ideas on how to source for whole organic foodslocally available to you in Nigeria.N U T R I T I O N A N D M E A L P L A N SWe do generally recommend tracking, but tracking is NOT forever! It’s a veryuseful tool to help us see, objectively, which foods trigger your symptomsand which ones make you feel better. It’s also a useful tool for accountability,especially since we will be working together only virtually.This is a monthly subscription to direct text messaging chatroom for quick questionsand check-in requests with on-call practitioner. It is a way for us to stay connectedwith our patients needing close monitoring and extra support for managingpersistent symptoms via our telehealth platform.O N L I N E P A T I E N T A C C E S SP A G E 2 5 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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P A G E 2 6 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E We will initiate an urgent care plan after 3 requests within a 24-hour period, pleasemake urgent requests only when necessary. An ER or urgent care referral will beexecuted in the event that a patient is critical and cannot be managed virtually at anytime during a request cycle. A user guide will be provided to you at the start of your program with more details onour clinic policies and procedures as well as types of requests, questions and inquiriesallowed on our platform.We reserve the right to abort your access to the portal in the event of suspectedabuse or repeated non-compliance with clinic policies. User discretion is advised. We ask that you limit requests to 3 per 24-hour period. Requests will be addressedwithin 6 hours of receipt not more than 48-hours at the most. The 24hour online support is a 1-way communication from us to you where we send you reminders and notifications, while the 'Ask a physician' online portal is a2-way communication from you to our team where you ask us questions and getclinical advise from our on-call | +234 913 127 3617

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P A G E 2 7 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E L A B T E S T I N GA series of testing will be done at the start of your treatment. Expect to make a fewvisits to the lab during the first month, after which we will continue to monitorinflammatory markers and certain metabolites typically every 2 to 3 months. Wecurrently have a working relationship with Arrive Alive in Surulere and Synlab inVictoria Island. However, we will work with you to consider other labs if you have apreferred lab of choice. Estimated cost for basic lab tests from our preferred lab(Synlab) is N12,000.Each functional lab report analysis costs $90 through our blood chemistry lab partnerin California, USA.Yes, we conduct biomarker testing as needed for our optimum care members. However, we typically run 3 rounds of full blood count, comprehensive metabolicpanel (14 biomarkers), ESR and CRP. The functional analysis is included with ourpremium care package, all other tests are paid out of pocket.Testing kits are purchased separately from our programs, they are not included in anyof our | +234 913 127 3617

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LEGALP A G E 2 8 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E 1. Initial down payment of $1500 (N720,000) is due at sign up for optimum caremembership.2. Packages may not be shared, are non-transferable and non-refundable.3. No substitute for supplement subscriptions or packaged services if the primarybeneficiary is unable to complete recommended protocols or treatment plans.4. All currency conversions are estimated at the current black market rate at signup. 5. Services and package prices are subject to change.6. Other terms and conditions may apply.Please visit for | +234 913 127 3617

Page 29 U B S C R I B E T O A C A R E P L A NUSEFUL RESOURCESL E A R N M O R E A B O U T F U N C T I O N A L M E D I C I N EV I S I T O U R B L O GF I N D U S O N I N S T A G R A MG E T A F R E E H E A L T H A S S E S S M E N A G E 2 9 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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CONTACT INFORMATIONinfo@wellnesswits.com8118 Fry Road, Cypress #1303TX 77433, USAOffice address+1 832 779 2347WhatsAppWhatsApp+234 913 127 3617Office address22 Diya Street Gbagada, Lagos.Follow, like, subscribeand share!P A G E 3 0 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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P A G E 3 1 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617

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P A G E 3 2 : N E W P A T I E N T G U I D E | +234 913 127 3617